Anne Bjerre (University Teacher) and Jesrine Clarke-Darrington (Learning Technologist) presented at Blackboard’s Digital Teaching Symposium

They shared their experiences of how they moved from face-to-face group work to online group work using Blackboard groups, presenting to over 300 delegates from across the world. 
Previously students did not engage in face-to-face group work. When the COVID-19 pandemic required remote learning, they introduced the use of Blackboard groups to facilitate online group work, where students worked collaboratively to develop a Google site to be assessed cumulatively.  There was a notable improvement in student engagement, which worked so well they decided to continue the delivery of this module and assessment online this academic year (2021/22).  Student feedback was positive with many reporting that it had enhanced their learning experience.  They enjoyed developing the Google Site as an alternative form of assessment and found it easy to use.  There was also an increased usage of Blackboard groups to facilitate group work in 2021, even though students had the opportunity to meet face-to-face if they wished.

There was a lot of engagement from the audience during the presentation, with so many questions during the Q&A session that they ran out of time.