Celebrating excellence in IICD

Professor Tim Chico shares his congratulations to staff and students within the Department of Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease on their achievements:

Many congratulations to all our MSc, MRes and BMedSci students for completing their courses in IICD! I have received a few examples of good news that I’ll share below. Completing these courses is a great achievement in itself and all our students should be very proud of themselves; I am certainly proud of all of them!

  • Daniel Taylor (supervised by Julian Gunn) who completed his MRes with distinction was awarded the David Cumberland Prize for Cardiovascular Medicine.
  • Roshni Solanki (MRes student 2019, supervised by Paul Morris in the Mathematical Modelling in Medicine Group of the Imaging Theme) has just had their work published in Scientific Reports 
  • Sophie Parker (BMedSci student supervised by Imran Aziz) was awarded a 1st class degree and has published her work on functional GI disorders in Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34298190/

I know this is only an incomplete list of the achievements of our students, limited by what I’m aware of or can find in my inbox. Please don’t hesitate to reply with further good news and items to share.

I also want to recognise the huge amount of work that goes into organising, running, delivering and administering our courses. This is a team effort involving a large number of colleagues, from across all our academic, technical and professional staff. However, I want to particularly recognise the hard work of Jane Shields and Vicky Cottam who deserve all our thanks.

Prizes from the Radiological Society of North America

I’m happy to let you know two of our colleagues have won prestigious prizes from the Radiological Society of North America:

  • Samer Alabed (Cardiac MRI Research Fellow) won the trainee cardiac research prize for “AI Vs Manual Cardiac MRI Measurements – Clinical Benchmarking Using Heart Catheterization And Mortality Prediction” 
  • Krit Dwivedi (Wellcome Clinical PhD fellow) won the trainee chest research prize “Ct Lung Parenchymal Patterns As Significant Prognostic Imaging Biomarkers In Pulmonary Hypertension With Lung Disease”

Both are supervised by Andy Swift and it is impressive to see his research group span both cardiac and chest imaging.
These prizes are rarely awarded to UK trainees, with Krit and Samer winning two of the four awards to UK trainees in the last ten years, testifying to their achievements.

Congratulations to Dr Luke Green

I’m delighted to let you know that Luke (post-doc working with Pete Monk) has been awarded a grant from the Humane Research Trust that supports his salary, running costs and a PhD student for three years. This is an important step towards establishment of his own research group.

It’s a pleasure to see Luke’s hard work and collegiality rewarded in this way.
I’d also like to recognise Pete for his support for Luke, as good mentorship is essential for all of us. If anyone feels they would benefit from more internal or external mentorship there are schemes available for this or I will be happy to make contact with potential mentors on their behalf.