Faculty Marketing & Recruitment update – August


Over the last couple of months, the marketing team have been working with external digital agency Crunch Digital Media, to develop and drive awareness and conversion activities for Clearing and PGT Home recruitment for 2021.

The results of these campaigns are as follows:

Clearing 2021

  • We made the decision to enter all UG subjects, except Medicine and Dentistry, into Clearing this year
  • We met the target on all but one of our UG courses BMedSci Health and Human Sciences 
  • For Clearing, we ran a digital campaign with Crunch Digital, targeting those interested in Nursing and Biodental Sciences specifically; the campaigns ran on Google Search and Facebook
  • The Google element of the campaign had a high click-through rate of 4.97%, exceeding the industry benchmark of 2.11%. This indicates that we targeted the right audiences, as well as reflecting the overall interest in healthcare subjects this year
  • Nursing in particular was popular this year, with similar results to 2020/21 campiagns. The keywords ‘nursing degree’ ‘nursing at University’ and ‘nursing courses at University generated the most clicks on the Google element of the campaign, accounting for 72% of our overall clicks and engagement. 
  • We will make a full report available after we have processed both the Faculty’s and the central marketing team’s analytics.

PGT Home 2021

  • We are still running the latest campaign to attract last-minute PGT Home candidates for 2021 entry with external agency, Crunch Digital
  • This includes adverts on Google Search, Ecosia, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram
  • The campaign launched earlier this month and will end on 3rd September. As of August 19th, the campaign generated 13,399 clicks/engagement from 362,325 impressions/views, leading to an overall click through rate of 4.11%
  • On average, users are viewing 3.64 pages per session after interacting with our adverts, which indicates that our targeting is reaching an interested audience
  • LinkedIn in particular is proving to generate a high level of interest, with a click through rate of 43.62%
  • On Google, keywords generating the highest clicks so far are ‘Medical School’, ‘Neuroscience’, ‘Nursing and Midwifery’, ‘MSc Clinical Neurology’ and ‘MSc Molecular Medicine’
  • We have also sent out two targeted emails for neuroscience and medical school subjects through FindAMasters.com
  • We will share the results for both the digital campaign and FindAMasters campaign in mid-September.


The Faculty of MDH will be participating in the two upcoming on campus Pre-Applicant Open Days, taking place on Saturday 11th September and Saturday 23rd October.

Taking place in the Medical School and School of Clinical Dentistry, with all departments’ involvement, there will be an exhibition area, with the “student zone” where visitors can have one-to-one conversations with current students, and the “interactive zone” where students will get a taste of the clinical skills they’ll learn on the courses they’re interested in.

All staff, students and visitors will be encouraged to wear face masks in-doors and maintain 1-metre social distance, to make everyone feel safe and welcome on campus.