A word from our Interim FVP

Hello everyone, 

Welcome to this month’s edition of The Pulse. 

This is the time of year when departments across the Faculty are planning for the annual SRDS cycle. This is an excellent opportunity for us to review achievements, agree priorities for the forthcoming year and have conversations about our welfare and development. Colleagues will be aware that the University introduced the Academic Careers Pathways Framework in 2019 and I would encourage eligible staff to think about their role and SRDS preparation in the context of the criteria and expectations for their grade and contract type as described in the ACP. For professional services staff, your SRDS conversations will be based on a discussion of the objectives that you were set for the previous year and priorities for the year ahead, including a discussion of your career ambitions and the support and development that can be provided to help you achieve those. 

One question that has arisen about the reward and recognition cycle is about the use of academic metrics in the promotions process, and I reflected on this at the Faculty Forum. I want to reassure staff that academic metrics are one source of information that is taken into account when considering promotions cases, but by no means the only source. Departmental and Faculty panels review a case across all relevant ACP criteria and metrics are used as part of a process to triangulate information, alongside the academic CV, HoDs statement, disciplinary norms data and any other supporting data. For part time staff, their working hours are fully taken into account. Staff who work on a part time contract are not directly compared against those who work full time – and the hours that somebody works, and their portfolio of activity is fully taken into consideration. 

In other news, I am delighted to say that our Medical School has secured renewal of our  Silver Athena Swan award. My thanks go to Andy Chantry, Sheila Francis, Angie Cox, Fran Oldale, Poppy Turner and the whole of the Medical School Athena Swan Committee for their commitment over the last few years to secure this important award. 

As we plan for a return to campus and an increase in hybrid working, I would encourage you to keep up to date with the latest developments via the staff updates and central web pages. We are also scheduling Faculty Forums to the end of the year and dates will be shared shortly. 

Finally, we are seeking your feedback on the format and content of The Pulse to try and make it as relevant and informative as possible. Please do take a few minutes to give your views.