National Apprenticeship Week 2021 – Eva Wild

I completed a Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship between 2017 and 2019, having the role of Apprentice Technician within my department. I was initially interested in the role due to the ability to work whilst studying and then after hearing more about the position, thought the practical based work seemed suited for me. Now that I have been at the university over 3 years, I really enjoy the variety in my work. During my apprenticeship I had the chance to learn a wide variety of techniques within the department and even now continue with developing said techniques. I’ve also been surrounded by really friendly and supporting team members who have been helpful throughout the whole process.


Without completing the apprenticeship, I would have never known about many of the techniques that I use on a daily basis and definitely wouldn’t have had the in-depth practical experience, unlike what you get with a standard college course. In my current role as a Trainee Technician, I continue to do a lot of the work which I started as an apprentice, including; helping within the Flow Cytometry core facility, maintaining lab equipment and lab space and helping train placement students. During my time as an apprentice, I also got the opportunity to work in area’s outside of my department, such as the CCTC lab as Weston Park, where I did jobs that were unlike my day-to-day ones, such as preparing blood samples for a large number of trials and helping with the management of the lab and training of various staff members when required.With all the experience that I’ve gained and continue to gain, I would like to continue to progress in my current role and begin to take on more responsibilities where I feel confident to do so.

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who is thinking of doing so. It gives you the essential practical skills that are needed in a workplace, alongside the theoretical knowledge, whilst being surrounded by supportive people who have the knowledge to further help you. It’s an experience unlike more common educational routes and an option worth pursuing.