White Rose funds Quality of Care Evaluation

Dr Catriona Mayland, YCR Senior Clinical Research Fellow and Honorary Consultant in Palliative Medicine, has been awarded £10,653 funding from the White Rose University Consortium.  The White Rose University Consortium is a strategic partnership between the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York which aims to add value to the partner universities through collaboration in research, teaching and knowledge exchange.

Catriona Mayland

The project is entitled, ‘Measuring, evaluating and improving the quality of care for dying people and their families’. The work aims to place Yorkshire, via the White Rose collaboration, as an international leader in the assessment of quality of care in people (adults and children) who are dying and subsequently enhance bereavement outcomes. 

Further information is available here: https://whiterose.ac.uk/collaborationfunds/measuring-evaluating-and-improving-the-quality-of-care-for-dying-people-and-their-families/