Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures ‘Green Impact team’

Paperclip – what is it?

Paperclip is the Sheffield University Students’ Union online marketplace to sell, swap or buy used or unused items. The platform is officially supported by the University’s Sustainability Delivery Group as a part of the wider Sustainability Strategy. Visit the website here: 

Advantages you ask?

Starting life at the University as a student comes with buying many new items. The needs range from household to personal items, such as electrical equipment, books, clothes, etc. Also our staff members need to occasionally buy new things or get rid of things they no longer need. The Sheffield SU Paperclip online marketplace joins the needs of students and staff on a single platform where you can buy or swap second hand things and therefore contribute to a more sustainable society.

Surely there are many avenues and platforms to buy new and used items – and you might have some concerns about them. The advantages of using Paperclip address your concerns (especially money!) and we list a few of them below:

  • Being part of a university which wants to become fully sustainable, we promote recycling of items and thus, the platform gives options to buy second-hand items. Paperclip promotes recycling with the goal of a sustainable university and you as a part of it.
  • Used or unused items, both come at prices which ensure value for money!
  • Swap items that you no longer need for items that you require.
  • Completed studies? Want to sell or give away items at a low price to new incoming students? Use the Paperclip platform!
  • Buy, sell or swap items online from the comfort of your own home (just collection needed). When you do the collection, please always be mindful of the COVID-19 rules that we summarise below.

COVID-19 guidance

  • Check your symptoms

If you or anyone in your household have any COVID-19 symptoms, you must not arrange any sales, purchases or swaps on Paperclip. The same applies for situations when you’re self isolating or are in a quarantine.

  • Do not enter people’s houses when collecting/delivering items

Instead, wait outside 2 meters away from the doorstep, let the seller bring the item and leave it outside the door, wait for them to go back inside and then collect the item. The same applies for delivering any items. If you’re not comfortable sharing your home address with the other party and the item is small and easily transportable, you can meet at a public space (while maintaining the 2 meters distance).

  • Stay 2 meters apart

When collecting or delivering items, stay 2 meters away from the other person.

  • Wear a face mask

When you approach another person when collecting or delivering items, always wear a face mask and ideally also use a hand sanitiser when exchanging any items.

  • One person only

Only one person should approach a house to collect an item. If you are with more people, they should stand back/stay in the car while the collection is being made.

  • Clean and disinfect items

Clean and disinfect any item that you intend to sell/swap. If you buy or swap an item, make sure that you clean it before bringing it into your home and as always – wash your hands!