The Big 30: Thank you for taking part in our first virtual fundraising event

Friday 3 July would have been The Big Walk 2020. This would have contributed a significant amount of funding to further our Parkinson’s disease research and although the walk couldn’t go ahead, the need to support this research is as important as ever.

Overall, The Big 30 saw over 60 people take on a wide variety of challenges including skipping, baking, sewing, cycling, running and keepy-uppies. Altogether everyone has raised over £26,000 for Parkinson’s disease research at the University. The Big Walk this year was going to contribute a significant amount towards this research. So, it has been really heartwarming to see the University community come together in our first ever virtual fundraising event to raise essential funds for this research.

Here are some of the Faculty’s amazing efforts to fundraise:

Heather Mortiboys – SITraN

  • As you may already know, Heather Mortiboys has been taking part with two challenges: baking everyday and walking over 150 miles in June. Her Just Giving page is here and a link to all her bakes is here. Heather has raised £760.

Mortiboys Lab

  • Heather’s PhD students and I think some Postdocs have been getting involved. They are calling themselves the “Mortiboys Lab” and have been taking part in a variety of challenges (below)
  • Their Just Giving page is here, they have currently raised £1,520 + £135 from Anthony’s page 
  • Anthony Klokkaris is part of the lab but has a separate page here, I’ve included his efforts below:
  • 4650 squats over June
  • 30 pieces of calligraphy Parkinson’s related
  • 30 hours of meditation 
  • A combined total of 2710 minutes of working out over June
  • A combined total of 200K/123 miles walked over June
  • A combined total of 420K/260 miles ran over June
  • A combined total of 2155 pull-ups over June

Adrian Higginbottom – SITraN

  • Adrian set out to cycle 900 miles in June, and ended up covering 1006miles! He also climbed over 2,700 metres.
  • His Just Giving page is here, he has currently raised £1,612.
  • He has been very active on Twitter about his challenge here

Lizzie BeavisMedicine undergraduate and MSc Clinical Neuroscience intercalation student 

  • Lizzie has been doing back-walkovers (a gymnastics move) and gave up Instagram for all of June
  • Here is her Just Giving page, she has currently raised £123

‘SITraN Quiz Masters’

  • Sarah Boddy, Anne Gregory, Julie Simpson and Emily Mayberry are staff members in SITraN who organised an online quiz for the University community on June 30th
  • Their Just Giving page is here and they have currently raised £312

Tom Payne – SITraN

  • Tom challenged himself to either cycling or running for half an hour everyday
  • His Just Giving page is here and he has currently raised £540

Simon Bell – SITraN

  • Simon has been painting a different bird everyday for 30 days, he has been active on Twitter with a guessing game most days!
  • Here is his page, he has raised £505 so far

Sarah Moll – Sheffield Biomedical Research Centre

  • Sarah has climbed her stairs 30 times a day for 30 days over June
  • She has raised £549 so far and her Just Giving page is here