Online PhD viva success

Since lockdown began, there have been 30 successful online PhD vivas conducted in MDH alone! 

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to all the candidates who have really risen to the challenge and excelled in these new (and somewhat stressful) times.

Feedback from the external/internal examiners has been excellent, with comments on how well candidates have adapted to the online situation and how they have performed exceptionally well under the circumstances.

For those candidates with online viva’s on the horizon – the Faculty have put together some resources with the Think Ahead team to help prepare for the new way of doing vivas – including some top tips and reflections from candidates who have recently gone through the process. These can be found here (if anyone who has recently done an online viva wishes to share their experiences and top tips then please get in touch with either Allie Gartland or Lucy Lee).

A BIG THANK YOU to all of the academics also for adapting to the new way of conducting vivas. A lot of students were very anxious about the possibility of not being able to do their vivas – and so your help in ensuring the online viva’s could take place is fully appreciated! Some feedback/top tips has been collated from some academics who have recently been the examiners for an online viva, as this is totally new to them too. Please see here. If any other academics have any tips or feedback on the process then please get in touch and these will be added to the google doc.

Finally, from all the feedback we have received one of the easiest ways to ensure that the online viva runs smoothly is to read and follow the instructions from the Graduate School and to test the system ahead of time with the hardware you all (ie examiners and students) intend to use on the day. Finally – if you do encounter any problems on the test- get in touch with the Graduate School and they can try and rectify the situation before the big day!