Key Faculty priorities

In line with Faculty priorities, I would encourage discussions in SRDS meetings this year relating to the following ACP criteria:

Research Outputs (core ACP criterion)

  • Publish regularly, with at least one item in a rolling two-year period that is judged through peer review as being internationally excellent or world leading in terms of originality, significance and rigour (i.e. 3* or 4* papers).

Research income and supervision (priority ACP criterion in FMDH)

  • Achieve external grant funding secured that is at least in line with the norms for your discipline or sub-discipline (HoDs will advise on this for your department/ discipline and career stage and circumstances). 
  • Evidence the provision of high quality supervision with the aim of supervising an average of two externally funded PhD student each year as Primary Supervisor.

High quality teaching practice (core ACP criterion)

  • Contribute to ensuring an excellent student experience and educational outcomes, including both delivery and/or innovating in undergraduate and postgraduate course design, delivery and assessment following the COVID pandemic.

Academic Citizenship (core ACP criterion)

  • Actively contribute to the collective interests and values of the University through individual action and inclusive, collaborative working. 

Professional Standing and Wider Engagement (core ACP criterion)

  • Represent the institution and develop links with external contacts (within your profession or with industry) to foster collaboration, at a regional and national level within area of specialism.