ScHARR to launch Mini Masterclasses in Health Research

We are about to launch a series of ScHARR Webinars called Mini Masterclasses in Health Research. The purpose of the webinars is two fold. Firstly to recruit students by showcasing our expertise in a way that our Online Open Days are unable to and hopefully attract a wider audience.

Guest speakers will talk on a current health research topic for approximately 20-25 minutes following a short introduction by the webinar chair. We start on June the 25th with Julie Balen.

Delivering these webinars have two other benefits, firstly it allows us to promote these talks for free on large social networks – LinkedIn groups, Jisc Mailing lists and social media. We will promote our Masters programmes, CPD and short courses at the end of the talk and invite interested attendees to stay connected with us.

Secondly this also helps disseminate our research and could potentially lead to engagement with professional and public groups and individuals. It helps build our visibility and impact within the global health research community. It also shows that quite importantly that we are technically competent to run online events, which is increasingly important in a post COVID19 academic world.

Please feel free to share this event on your social networks and media, or retweet this Tweet.

If you would like to consider delivering a 20-25 minute talk (on a topic of your expertise) then Andrew Tattersall and Claire Beecroft invite you to get in touch. The next in the series of talks comes from Muhammad Saddiq in July.