Staff health and well-being

In response to the Covid-19 crisis and the move to remote working and online teaching, the Faculty Executive Board recommended a short term Faculty Welfare and Wellbeing Group to identify and respond to the issues and concerns that are facing staff at the moment. 

From increased isolation and loneliness, to caring for children or vulnerable family members, there are significant challenges that staff are facing. The group are meeting fortnightly to discuss issues from Departments and also develop a Faculty response, including an online parents forum, a suite of resources on the intranet and an action plan, which includes short, medium and longer term welfare, well-being and equality concerns of staff. 

The contact details of all of the staff involved are listed on the intranet page and we all welcome staff to contact us with any concerns they have and we will do our best to support and signpost staff in relation to their welfare and wellbeing’