Insigneo Showcase 2020 – a message from Dr Andrew Narracott

We are very sad that we were not able to welcome guests to the Insigneo Showcase 2020 planned for May, but we would still like to take the opportunity to share the annual Insigneo newsletter with you to provide an overview of activity across the Institute in the past year and introduce upcoming research projects and initiatives.

These projects and activities particularly highlight the multidisciplinary nature of Insigneo research and the links across departments and faculties within the University of Sheffield and beyond.  The front cover of the newsletter features Elisabeth Kugler in IICD, who won our image competition – you can find more about the competition here.

The feature article details efforts being undertaken by the CompBioMed Centre of Excellence to deliver High Performance Computing infrastructure to researchers across Europe to enable the solution of research questions which would be intractable using desktop computing.  Industrial partnerships are essential to ensure new technologies are developed with appropriate consideration of exploitation pathways and we are pleased to have been able to support Early Career Researchers in addressing the needs of industry partners through the award of two EPSRC CASE studentships.  Further support for Early Career Researchers has been made possible through a competitive scheme for bursaries to support research in strategic areas. 

The need for innovation and deployment of technology in healthcare, through partnership and collaboration within and beyond institutions, has been clearer than ever in recent weeks following the challenges posed by the impact of Covid19 on worldwide healthcare infrastructures.

Dr Andrew Narracott
Director of Operations
Insigneo Institute for in silico Medicine