Professor Chris Stokes awarded Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Chris Stokes, Professor of Digital Learning and Dental Education at the School of Clinical Dentistry, has been awarded Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Chris tells us more about receiving the award, and how it will impact his work.

How does it feel to be recognised with such an award?
The process of applying for and getting the Principle Fellowship has been extremely rewarding. I was one of the first to apply through Elevate’s newly accredited Principle Pathway scheme, so instead of applying to Advance HE with a written application I was instead assessed through a structured interview (a ‘dialogue’) on campus.

The fellowship is recognition for a commitment to teaching, learning and the student experience and I have been fortunate to lead some interesting and exciting initiatives at Sheffield, working with excellent colleagues and students in the Dental School and University. I really appreciate that this work has been recognised through a PFHEA, and to be one of the first to be recognised through the new Elevate pathway.

What impact will this have on your work and within Dentistry?
Within the Dental School I join a growing number of staff recognised by the Higher Education Academy (Advance HE), including PFHEAs Dr Sandra Zijlstra-Shaw and Dr James Field and a number of Senior Fellows. An important part of an application for PFHEA is the mentoring and support in order to be able to put a good case forward, and this process is very helpful in making you reflect on your activity in teaching. I am extremely grateful for all the support I received from within the Dental School and through Elevate and I hope that this award will inspire others to consider applying. I look forward to helping others with their applications in the future.