Published Papers December 2019

Oral antibiotic prescribing by NHS dentists in England 2010-2017Martin Thornhill

Thornhill MH, Dayer MJ, Durkin MJ, Lockhart PB, Baddour LMBritish Dental Journal 227(12):1044-1050 Dec 2019 DOI White Rose Research Online

Does replacement of missing dental units with resin-retained bridges improve oral health-related quality of life?: A systematic review

Philip BensonPhilippa HoyleKirtikbhai Patel (pending), Krishna Patel (pending)Hoyle P, Patel K, Benson PEAbstractJournal of Dentistry 91 Article number 103209 Dec 2019 DOI White Rose Research Online

Effect of repeated laser surface treatments on shear bond strength between zirconia and veneering ceramic

Yi Liu (pending), Ying Liu (pending), Yixin Liu (pending), Yiyun Liu (pending), Yogjun Liu (pending), Yu Liu (pending), Yuchen Liu (pending), Yushuang Liu (pending), Yuyang Liu (pending), Sarah PollingtonHuijing Yu (pending)Abdullah AO, Yu H, Pollington S, Muhammed FK, Xudong S, Liu YThe Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry Dec 2019 DOI

A trilogy of tragedies – paediatric dental tooth whitening

Helen RoddWalshaw EG, Kandiah P, Rodd HAbstractBritish Dental Journal 227(11):959-960 01 Dec 2019 DOI White Rose Research Online

Rasch model of the child perceptions questionnaire in multi-country data

Philip BensonTom BroomheadBarry Gibson (pending), Zoe MarshmanStamm TA, Omara M, Bakerc SR, Foster Page LD, Thomson WM, Benson PE, Broomhead T, Aguilar-Diaz F, Do L, Gibson BJ, et al.Journal of Dentistry 103267-103267 Article number 103267 Dec 2019 DOI