Introducing the newly appointed Faculty Director of Learning and Teaching

Congratulations to Vanessa Halliday on her newly appointed position as Faculty Director of Teaching and Learning – Vanessa further explains about her background and top priorities in her new role below:

I am based in the public health section at ScHARR where I work as a senior lecturer. 

My professional background is as a dietitian so most of my teaching contributes to our MSc programme in Human Nutrition. Having previously led and contributed to our Master of Public Health (Online), I am also interested in how we use technology to teach online and to enhance our students’ experience.

Like teaching, research is an important part of my job. The research project that I am currently involved in is in collaboration with SITraN. The aim of the HighCALS project is to develop and evaluate a nutrition support intervention, to improve the nutritional management of people that have been recently diagnosed with motor neuron disease. 

Over the last four years I have also had a number of leadership roles, including director of learning and teaching (DLT) for ScHARR and acting section director for public health. A major part of my role as ScHARR’s DLT has been associated with the curriculum review and programme level approach work that is currently underway across seven of our postgraduate programmes.

Now, as faculty director of learning and teaching, I am really looking forward to working with you all to ensure that we continue to deliver high quality, research led and student centred teaching across the faculty.