Dr Ali Khurram is awarded Cancer Research UK grant

Dr Ali Khurram has been awarded a grant from Cancer Research UK for his research, ‘Artificial Intelligence to improve Classification and Predict Malignant Transformation of Oral Epithelial Dysplasia.’

Dr Ali Khurram, a Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Pathologist at the School of Clinical Dentistry, has been awarded an important grant by Cancer Research UK to investigate the applications of artificial intelligence to automate the detection of changes in the soft tissues of the mouth that are associated with an increased risk of oral cancer.

Dr Khurram is leading a consortium that includes the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust working alongside the universities of Warwick and Birmingham on a programme valued at £405k.  

This pioneering research has the potential to make detection of patients with a higher risk of developing oral cancer more rapid and cost-effective, ultimately contributing to an earlier diagnosis with associated improvements in treatment and survival.”