First Sheffield YCR Connect Workshop

The first Sheffield Yorkshire Cancer Research (YCR) Connects workshop took place on Friday, 22 November 2019 at Halifax Hall and was attended by Dr Kathryn Scott (CEO) and Dr Stuart Griffiths (Director of Research & Services) of Yorkshire Cancer Research as well as senior members of the Faculty, other areas of the university and external parties (universities of Leeds and Hull).

The Workshop was preceded by a networking lunch before opening with an introductory presentation by Professors Chris Newman and Sarah Danson, followed by the attendees from Yorkshire Cancer Research.  The main focus of the event was an opportunity for our current Fellows (Nick Latimer, Catriona Mayland, Bilal Tahir and Robin Young) to showcase their fellowships to date with updates and to hear more about the benefits of YCR Connects to Sheffield Teaching Hospitals with a presentation by Professor Jon Wadsley.

Professors Wendy Baird, Jim Wild and Jim Chilcott also gave presentations on their work area.

The workshop was well received by all who attended with attendees being able to find out about the Fellowship scheme in more detail.