The 10th Annual Mellanby Centre Research Day will be held on Friday 6 December 2019 at Inox Dine, University of Sheffield


The aim of our meeting is to communicate novel & innovative musculoskeletal research within our group and, more importantly, with our friends and collaborators from other research institutions and industry, and with other University colleagues. We also aim to showcase our research profile to the broader public and research funders.

Our musculoskeletal research interests span skeletal diseases of childhood to the elderly, and cover both benign and malignant bone disease. Our clinical research covers areas of metabolic bone diseases including osteoporosis, childhood bone diseases, tumour-induced bone diseases. The Mellanby Centre is a partner with the AR-UK/MRC Centre for Integrated Musculoskeletal Ageing (CIMA) and with Insigneo, Europe’s largest centre for in silico medicine.

Invited speakers include:

Professor Ian Reid, University of Auckland, New Zealand – Title “When should we treat Paget’s disease”

Professor David Stephens , University of Bristol – Provisional Title: “Trafficking and processing of type I procollagen”

Associate Professor Claire Edwards, University of Oxford – Provisional Title:Bone Marrow Adipose Tissue: A New Player in Cancer Metastasis to Bone”

Professor Jim Wild, University of Sheffield – Provisional Title: “Overview of PET-MR technology and other emergent hybrid imaging technologies, and their potential clinical applications”

Professor Janet Brown, University of Sheffield – Provisional Title: “The impact of cancer on the skeleton in patients with prostate cancer”

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