The ReQoL measurement tool is changing the way mental health assessments and treatments are carried out

The ReQoL (Recovering Quality of Life) tool which aims to give people with mental health problems more of a voice in decisions made about their treatment is now being successfully implemented in NHS practice in many areas of the UK.  

Led by HEDS’ Professor John Brazier with ScHARR colleagues – Dr Anju Keetharuth, Dr Jill Carlton, Dr Lizzie Taylor Buck and Janice Connell, in collaboration with Professor Michael Barkham from the Department of Psychology, development of ReQoL was informed by the views of 6,000 service users.

The ReQoL measures are changing the way people who experience mental health problems are assessed and can help them to monitor their own progress. Patients can now audit and review their state, helping them make informed decisions on their road to recovery and improved quality of life.

The ReQoL tool is also designed to be used in evaluating the cost effectiveness of interventions and is now being used in a number of studies and trials in the UK and abroad.

Our mission was to give people with mental health problems a voice and let them be the decision makers.

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