Annual Mellanby Centre Meeting Held at University’s Inox Dine

The University’s Mellanby Centre for Bone Research held its annual meeting in November and over 110 people attended this. A particular highlight of the meeting was a history of medicine lecture from Professor Richard Mellanby.

The Mellanby Centre for Bone Research was set up within the University of Sheffield 9 years ago and we held the annual research day at Inox Dine in November 2018. Richard Eastell is the Director of the Centre and he opened the meeting by explaining the strategic importance of the Centre. The Centre has been the basis of grant success, and was successful in receiving further funding for the Centre for the Integration of Research into Musculoskeletal Ageing (CIMA) and the Experimental Cancer Treatment Centre. The opening speaker was Professor Richard Mellanby who is a distant relative of Sir Edward and also studies vitamin D and also came from Hartlepool. He pointed to the good fortune of Sir Edward to study dogs to show that cod liver oil prevents rickets; dogs are unlike humans in that the obtain all of their vitamin D from the diet. Professor Thomas Helleday has recently arrived in Sheffield as Professor of Cancer Studies and he told us about exciting new discoveries of drugs that regulate DNA repair that might be useful for treating both cancer and inflammation. Professor Young and Dr Cheung (University of Newcastle) discussed the value of bioinformatics in helpful study musculoskeletal function and the value of the study of single cells. Dr Richard Keen told us about the challenges in conducting clinical trials of rare bone diseases such as fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive. Professor Allan Pacey told us about his interest in the study of sperm and make a link to the funding from the MRC which was led by Sir Edward Mellanby at the time freezing of sperm was established using glycerol. He told us of the importance of obtaining 4* in our publications and impact cases. Professor Wendy Tindale is Director of Innovation with our Trust and spoke on the challenge of innovation in the NHS but also the recent improvements of funding for adoption and spread of new ideas.

Photo – From left to right, Professors Graham Russell, Richard Mellanby, Richard Eastell, Rob Coleman. Professor Mellanby gave a history of medicine lecture, and Professors Russell and Coleman received Lifetime Awards for their contributions to the Mellanby Centre.

We held snap poster presentations for the fourth time as these are a popular format. They were one-minute presentations on why someone should attend the poster and this year we applied the approach to all our posters. We awarded a prizes to Nermin Tawfiq, Lewis McColl, Mandeep Boughan for the snap presentations given in exactly 60 seconds. The best poster presentation was won by Rebecca Stirling. The best oral presentation was won by Codrin Condurache; he was studying whether falls were important in explaining the benefits of fracture reduction in a screening exercise (SCOOP Study).