Human Communication Sciences Seminar – Thursday, 29th November 2018

HCS Research Seminar – THURSDAY 29th November 2018
Photo of Lindsay Pennington

Speaker:    Dr Lindsay Pennington, Newcastle University

Title:    Assessment and Management of Childhood Dysarthria

Venue:     Elmfield Lecture Theatre 1, Elmfield Building, Northumberland Road

Time:    13:00–14:30

Abstract:       The motor speech disorder dysarthria is common in non-progressive neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy and acquired brain injury.   Children with dysarthria are at greater risk of low quality of life and poor social outcomes than their peers without communication difficulties.

Recent research suggests that therapy may help children to produce clearer speech, which is easier for their listeners to understand.  Therapy may also help children to increase their social participation.

This presentation will summarise SLT assessment methods for children and young people with dysarthria and discuss the growing evidence for speech interventions.