Academy of Medical Sciences Starter Grant Awarded to Cardiology Lecturer

Dr Pankaj Garg a newly appointed NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Cardiology has been awarded an Academy of Medical Sciences starter grant (£25,400) to research advanced imaging tools for cardiovascular diagnosis and intervention. Working under the mentorship of Professor Jim Wild and Professor Julian Gunn, Pankaj’s grant entitled “Whole heart, four-dimensional flow magnetic resonance imaging for accurate assessment of right and left heart flow haemodynamics” will develop four-dimensional flow (4D) flow models to accurately predict cardiovascular haemodynamics and to develop novel therapeutic targets in heart disease patients.

Non-invasive, 4D flow cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) allows accurate quantification of intra-cardiac flow (Figure 1). It circumvents issues of geometrical assumptions and through-plane motion of 2D mitral inflow metrics on Doppler echocardiography and 2D phase-contrast MRI.

Figure 1. A healthy control scanned at the University of Sheffield with 4D flow CMR. Panel A demonstrates streamlines and the retrospective valve tracking method. Panel B are flow curves of flow through the mitral (orange line), aortic (yellow line), tricuspid (green line) and pulmonary (blue line) for the same averaged cardiac cycles. Panel C and D are quantitative phase contrast maps.