Congratulations to Dr Claudia Tulotta- Awarded the non clinical poster prize at Breast Cancer Symposium

Dr Claudia Tulotta (Post Doctoral Research Associate) was awarded the non clinical poster prize at the 1st Interdisciplinary Breast Cancer Symposium that was held in Manchester between 15th and 16th January. This was for her fantastic work looking at IL-1B in breast cancer bone metastasis in which our team have established a link between tumour derived IL-1B in primary tumours from breast cancer patients and subsequent relapse in distant organs including bone. In her poster Claudia shows that adding anti-IL-1 treatments to current standard of care increases efficacy, decreases metastasis to all organs and prevents bone metastases from dormant tumour cells in this site.

Dr Penny Ottewell and team are immensely proud of Claudia.