Mouth Stories Event in Sheffield Winter Garden 19th – 20th September

Researchers from the School of Clinical Dentistry and Sociological Studies, will be in The Winter Garden on the 19thand 20th September 2017 (10.00 – 4.00).

They will present an exhibition of recorded stories illustrating the significance of the mouth in older age and artefacts from the School of Clinical Dentistry representing changes in dental interventions over time.

Members of the research team (Lorna Warren and Jennifer Kettle), will be present to engage people in conversation about the  the project and invite them to think about the various ways in which we look after our mouth and teeth and the importance they have for us as individuals across our lives.

Members of the public will be given the chance to record and put on display their own stories using a range of media – e.g. postcards, recordings, short videos, photographs and drawings.

In addition, the team will be showcasing some of the work they recently completed in collaboration with the Universities of Bristol and Edinburgh on the significance of mouth in older age.

The team would like to thank GlaxoSmithKline for funding this research.