Career Contribution Awards (CCAs)

The CCA recognises the career contributions of long serving committed staff members who have supported the faculty through many changes, contributing to the overall success of the Faculty and its long-standing tradition of excellence in education and research.

All members of staff who receive a certificate will be recognised in the newsletter during the year of their anniversary.

Recent recipients are:

Dr Denise Bee, Academic Unit of Medical Education, 40 years

Dr Ian Brock, Oncology and Metabolism, 20 years

Miss Jodie Burnham, The Medical School, 20 years

Miss Judith Ellis, Oncology and Metabolism, 20 years

Mrs Susan Justice, Oncology and Metabolism, 30 years

Professor Alicia O’Cathain, ScHARR, 20 years

Dr Alan O’Rourke, ScHARR, 20 years

Mrs Helen Owen, Clinical Dentistry, 20 years

Professor Helen Rodd, Clinical Dentistry, 25 years

Dr Jonathan Shaw, Infection, Immunity and Coardiovascular Disease, 25 years

Mrs Yvonne Stephenson, Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease, 20 years

Professor Sandra Whiteside, Human Communication Sciences, 25 years

Mrs Kathleen Wilson, ScHARR, 25 years

Mrs Vanessa Wright, ScHARR, 20 years