Mellanby Bone Imaging and Modelling Workshop

This workshop was organised by the Mellanby Centre for Bone Research and took place at Inox on 2-3 March 2017 with about 50 people attending.  There was good interaction, discussion and talks.  The meeting consisted of five external speakers from Lyon (Dr Chapurlat, Dr Follet), Germany (Dr Engelke), Manchster (Professor Cootes) and Southampton (Dr Schneider).  Professor McCloskey (Oncology and Metabolism) opened the meeting with a talk about risk profiling for osteoporosis and Professor Viceconti (Insigneo) pointed out that finite modelling of the hip did improve fracture prediction, but not by much.  Dr Engelke described how muscle could be imaged and provide an estimate of sarcopenia.  Dr Chapurlat described the clinical data coming from high resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography, and Professor Lacroix explained the challenges in obtaining accurate methods using this approach.  Professor Eastell (Oncology and Metabolism) described the challenges in applying qualitative approaches to identifying vertebral fractures, and Professor Cootes and Professor Frangi (CISTIB) showed how automated approached could be applied to this problem.  Dr Pagiosi (Oncology and Metabolism) reported on bone imaging for studying the response to osteoporosis treatments in older women.  Dr Dell’Ara showed how in vivo microCT can be used to study pre-clinical models of parathyroid hormone action.  Dr Follett described the use of imaging for preclinical models of malignant bone disease and Dr Schneider showed the use  for imaging for the bone vasculature.  Those that completed a feedback form were very happy with the venue, content and format.