Clinical Academic Awayday 2017

The CAT 2017 Awayday was held on 30th March at The Edge, Endcliffe Village.

Clinical Academic Awaydays are open to all clinical academic trainees from Foundation  upwards, including those doing research out of programme, and it was encouraging to see trainees from all stages at the event.

The programme concentrated on ‘Planning the next stage of your career’. The day opened with a talk from Professor Dame Pamela Shaw on  ‘Utilising the strengths and strategy at Sheffield to enhance your career’.

Workshops were divided into two groups, those already at PhD fellowship level and above, and those not yet at that stage. They included advice on interview techniques, developing CVs and personal statements and a session on developing the Person, Project and Place aspect in fellowship applications. Representatives from the MRC, the Research Design Service, Academy of Medical Sciences and the Research Innovations Services gave talks on funding opportunities, and trainees were offered the chance of 1:1 discussions on their individual career plans. Feedback from trainees revealed this to be one of the most successful awaydays, so thanks to all who attended and contributed their experience.