School of Clinical Dentistry Seminar: Friday 10th February 2017

Title: “Exosomes as drivers of altered stroma in Cancer”

Speaker: Dr Aled Clayton, Cardiff University    

Date: Friday 10th February 2017

Time: 1pm-2pm

Venue: Dental School Lecture Theatre, School of Clinical Dentistry, Claremont Crescent.

Abstract: Exosomes are a population of small secreted vesicles, which have received considerable attention in recent years. Although formally described in the 1980’s their physiological purpose remains somewhat enigmatic, but there are mounting data demonstrating diverse roles in health and disease.

With an emphasis on cancer, I will discuss some of the main features of exosomes, and the problems in terms of formally defining them, some of the methods and approaches used for their isolation and analyses. I will also present an example of the influence of cancer exosomes on the stromal compartment; and show how these vesicles can modulate the local microenvironment to favour tumour growth. Overall I will try and convince the audience that exosomes are functionally potent factors present in the cancer secretome which contribute towards disease progression.