School of Clinical Dentistry Seminar: Friday 3rd February 2017

Title:  “Tissue-based microfluidics – can the prognosis of head and neck tumours be determined?”

Speaker: Professor John Greenman, University of Hull       

Date: Friday 3rd February 2017

Time:  1pm-2pm

Venue: Dental School Lecture Theatre, School of Clinical Dentistry, Claremont Crescent

Abstract: Coming from an immunology background I am extremely interested in understanding how the immune system is often subverted during carcinogenesis, and more importantly how such knowledge can be used clinically (diagnostically, prognostically or therapeutically). A novel way to combine investigations of both tumour biology and the anti-tumour response is with the advent of an innovative, microfluidic model system for handling tumour tissue that I am developing together with colleagues in Chemistry. This technology is allowing us to study specific cellular and molecular interactions in real-time in a tissue biopsy, rather than using disaggregated cells.