Dr Habiba Kapaya awarded £102,196 from NIHR Research for Patient Benefit Scheme

Dr Kapaya and her co-applicants will explore the value of assessing innovative fetal heart parameters to better identify the at-risk fetus in labour, in order to prevent stillbirth and oxygen deprivation.

Dr Habiba Kapaya, NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the Dept of Oncology and Metabolism, is Principal Investigator on the grant, with co-applicants Professor Dilly Anumba, Department of Oncology and Metabolism, Dr Richard Jacques, Statistician at ScHARR and Dr Laura Price of the charity Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society (SANDS).

The project is titled “Determining the predictive utility of short-term variation (STV) of the fetal heart rate (FHR) for fetal acidaemia, and the feasibility of using this for decision-making in high-risk women during labour”.

Dr Kapaya has been developing research projects investigating new approaches to fetal monitoring, in various clinical settings and conditions, to prevent stillbirth and birth asphyxia, an important DoH priority for Women’s and Children’s Health. If this work proves successful what is learnt and the new parameters will enable the team carry out a larger, multi-centre, study with the potential to improve clinical practice within the NHS, to the benefit of mothers and children.

Professor Dilly Anumba commented: “For a really very new researcher this is a major success indeed and is culmination of her hard work and perseverance since joining the University of Sheffield.”