BMedSci Success for Medical School Students

Sheffield University BMedSci students held their annual presentation day at The Edge Conference Centre on Friday 8th July with prizes provided by the Academy of Medical Sciences Inspire Fund. The plenary session was given by honoured guest Professor Malcolm Reed, Dean of Brighton and Sussex Medical School. The presentations and posters were all of a very high standard throughout. Students who had undertaken research in IICD scooped the lion share of the prizes – congratulations to Jonathan Simpson (supervised by Endre Kiss-Toth – Department of Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease and Mark Wilkinson – Department of Oncology & Metabolism) and David Rutherford (supervised by Heather Wilson, Department of Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease) for their significant achievement.

David Rutherford

David Rutherford’s research project explored the effect of statins on lipid uptake by monocyte subsets (circulating white blood cells) from human volunteers. He presented his work in a poster at the BMedSci away day on Friday 8th July and won the prize for this presentation. David plans to present this work at the British Atherosclerosis Society meeting this autumn.




Jonathan Simpson

Jonathan Simpson has been conducting pioneering research into understanding the molecular drivers of heterotopic ossification. The term heterotopic ossification (HO) describes bone formation at a non-skeletal site. Whilst HO can occur after trauma, burns or surgery, such as total hip replacement, its pathogenesis remains unclear. Jonathan’s work built on a previous genetic analysis of susceptibility genes for HO and focussed on characterising the contribution of a novel kinesis like protein to the pathogenesis of this disease.