Sheffield Cancer Research Seminar – 8 June 2016

Title – “Inhibiting Androgen Receptor signalling for prostate cancer therapy”

Time 1-2 pm

VenueLT3, F Floor, Medical School

Speaker – Professor Charlotte Bevan, Professor of Cancer Biology, Imperial College London

Professor Bevan joined Imperial College in 1999 asCBevan Lecturer and head of the Androgen Signalling Group in the Department of Oncology and is currently Professor of Cancer Biology, Non-Clinical Head of Prostate Cancer Research in Department of Surgery & Cancer.   She holds a BA in Natural Sciences (Part II Genetics), University of Cambridge and undertook postdoctoral work at London Research Institute, Cancer Research UK.

Professor Bevan’s research interests are mechanisms of androgen receptor action; androgen signalling in development and disease; nuclear receptor coactivators and corepressors; mechanisms of therapy resistance in hormone-dependent cancers; novel therapies for prostate cancer; discovery and validation of biomarkers for prostate cancer; role of microRNAs in androgen signalling.