Real Brains and Crafty Neurons for Life Festival

SITraN (@neuroshef) opened its doors on Saturday 23rd April to aspiring young scientists and parents as part of the Life Festival. In total there were over 100 attendees. Families walked around several workstations and even took a tour of the histology lab where children (and parents) could look at real brain tissue down the microscope.

2016-04-23 13.57.07
Mo Lecule (@Mo_MND) showing off a brain hat

The children used their artistic skills to create glittery handprint neurons, for which they drew around their hands to create the cell body, pipe cleaners for the axon and a pom pom for the nucleus.

Children explored their senses with various blindfolded tasks such as jigsaws and feely boxes. Real animal brains were also on display, intriguing those who like all things gruesome and gory!

Dr Kurt de Vos had the microscope set up to watch live multi-coloured neurons, which was very well received.

Dr Kurt de Vos explaining neurons and axonal transport

Another workstation tested reactions, reflexes and attention skills, surprising children and parents when they realised how easily their brains could be tricked and distracted.

Finally, children were thrilled to make and take home a brain hat, even Mo Lecule the lab coat wearing meerkat mascot (@Mo_MND) got one!

Feedback from the event showed families had really enjoyed the event and found it very informative, especially seeing a real lab and looking at real brains down the microscope.  SITraN staff and students had great fun and we hope to run the event again!