New Equality and Diversity Statement

The Faculty has agreed an Equality and Diversity Statement which is now being rolled out across all Departments and Schools.

We will be holding a launch event in the Spring to publicise the new statement and to draw together Equality and Diversity colleagues and networks from across the University to raise awareness of this important area and to inform staff about the support services and networks that we have in place.

The Excellence Through Inclusion committee meets every two months to drive forward the Faculty’s equality and diversity objectives and to measure progress against actions and targets. Information about this group is available on the Faculty website. The Committee has prepared an action plan, endorsed by the Faculty Executive Board, to enhance our equality and diversity performance in four domains: Raising Awareness; Expectations, Assumptions and Culture; breaking Down Barriers; and Monitoring and Evaluation.

In order to monitor progress, we examine staff diversity data (anonymised) to understand the Faculty’s current staff population and to monitor change. It is very important therefore that staff keep their equality data up-to-date.Is your equality data up to date? All staff are encouraged to check and update their personal record (regardless of whether they have previously done so) to ensure that the data we hold is correct.

How do I do it?

Your equality data can easily be checked and updated by logging onto MyJob through MUSE and clicking on the My Equality Data on the myJob homepage. The collection of staff data helps the University to comply with public sector duties placed on us by anti-discrimination legislation, and with Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) requirements. Data is stored in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 (HM Government, 1998b).

Please support the Faculty’s work on Equality and Diversity by logging onto MUSE  and updating your data.  Thank you.

Faculty Equality and Diversity Statement - poster