Health Care seminar – 20.01.16

The fourth in the Health Care series of seminars in medical ethics will take place on Wednesday 20th January, 4.30pm-6.00pm, Arts Tower Lecture Theatre 7, University of Sheffield
The speaker will be Julia Moses (Sheffield) on ‘T H Marshall and the Ethics of Care’
T. H. Marshall’s writing on social rights, notably his 1949 Cambridge lectures on ‘Citizenship and Social Class’, has transformed broader thinking about the role of welfare policy in modern societies. Which ideas informed Marshall’s work in this area? What, if any, was his ethics of care? And, can Marshall’s own biography enable us to glean fresh insights into the motivations behind Britain’s early welfare state? This paper situates Marshall’s sociological work on welfare within the broader intellectual landscape of early twentieth-century Britain. In doing so, it seeks to unpack the hidden assumptions behind the language of rights that stood at the core of Britain’s post-1945 welfare state.
All welcome.
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