Dedicated Outstanding Mentors Recognised

Congratulations to Dr Pete Monk and Dr Jon Shaw from the Department of Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease who have been recognised for their mentoring skills, expertise and good citizenship.  Both Jon and Pete are mentors for the Think Ahead programme for Early Career Researchers.PeteMonkNew

Dr Pete Monk said “Mentoring was not available for me earlier in my career, when it might have been very useful, and so I am happy to provide it for other people”.

Pete’s mentee said:

“Meetings with Pete were very interesting and positively stimulating. He always managed to supply me with some good “food for thought” so that I could re-invigorate my aspirations and future actions. He is a great listener and very knowledgeable about the challenges of working in academia so it was great to compare our different experiences and opinions. “

Dr Jon Shaw said “Mentoring allows the clear discussion of the career pathways and the options open to the mentee, something I wished I had known as an early career researcher”.


Jon’s mentee said:

“The mentoring relationship has allowed me to get an in depth view on the career trajectory I wish to take, identify key strengths and tools and discuss challenges. As a result of the mentoring scheme I have scrutinised my CV and recognise areas of improvements as well devise a plan of strengthening my weak areas. My mentor has shown a great deal of understanding and ability relate to the issues and obstacles I was facing as well as advise on the options I have at my disposal to overcome barriers and achieve my objectives.”


Professor Sheila Francis, Head of Department of Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease said “This good citizenship often goes unrecognised and I am delighted to be able to share this good news with you all and to commend this important area of activity and expertise”.