Crest Gold Award for SITraN Summer Student

SITraN Summer student Nemah Mabger, pictured below, received the British Science Association’s CREST Gold award (CREativity in Science and Technology) for her placement in the SITraN RNA research laboratory. The year 12 student from Tapton School in Sheffield was awarded a Nuffield scholarship to investigate TDP-43 proteinopathy in motor neuron-like inducible cell models for motor neuron disease (MND) at SITraN under the supervision of Dr Guillaume Hautbergue and Jennifer Dodd for six weeks over the summer holidays. Supported by her teacher Dr Nick Harris, formerly a researcher at the University of Sheffield, Nemah is hoping to go on to study Medicine after completing her biology A-levels.

SITraN summer student Nemah MagberSITraN summer student Nemah Magber

The Crest Gold Awards are by the British Science Association:
“The Gold Awards allow the most able students to conduct real research. They are longer-term projects that require around 70 hours work, and are typically completed by 16 to 19 year-olds. By working towards a CREST Gold Award, students will develop and deliver largely self-directed projects. The aim is for students’ work to contribute something new to the scientific or technological community or to a particular field of study.  They are supported by an industry or higher education mentor, who can offer guidance and advice, and are required to prepare a final report and present the outcomes of their project to their CREST assessor.”

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