Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease – IICD (“iced”) for success

The Departments of Infection and Immunity and Cardiovascular Science recently merged to form a new Department called Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease (IICD). The merger arose in part out of the Tooke Review of Biomedical Life Sciences to define areas of research and teaching where the University has strength and distinctiveness.

Academic colleagues in the new Department met for a half-day event in September to get to know one another, to consider current strengths and to make a start on defining joint research themes.IICD2

The event highlighted the importance of 1) valuing colleagues, 2) getting the research environment right in order to be able to respond to the scientific and medical grand challenges ahead and 3) making the most of what is done well, doing more (collaboratively) and doing better.IICD1

A second event facilitated by Tim Morley at Know Innovation will be held in December to continue discussion and further define joint research themes.

Professional staff management within the new Department has been reorganised with new roles created to optimally manage professional staff service provision to ensure business needs are met and professional staff teams are brought together in a collaborative and cohesive manner.

It is a busy time in the Department as staff work together to define vision, focus and identity for IICD success!