Career Contribution Award Recipients

Recipients receive their Career Contribution Award (CCA) Certificates.

The recently launched CCA recognises the career contributions of long serving committed staff members who have supported the faculty through many changes, contributing to the overall success of the Faculty and its long-standing tradition of excellence in education and research.

All members of staff who receive a certificate will be recognised in the newsletter during the year of their anniversary.

Recent recipients are:

Mr Gary Albutt, Director of Learning and Teaching, Nursing and Midwifery, 40 years
Miss Joanne Bland, Assistant manager(welfare), Biological services, 25 years
Miss Sarah Bottomley, Finance administrator, Oncology, 20 years
Mr Matthew Cardwell, Technician, Biological Services, 25 years
Mr Philip Chan, Senior Clinical Fellow and Reader, Academic Unit of Medical Education, 20 years
Miss Orla Gallagher, Senior Research Technician, Human Metabolism, 20 years
Mrs Caroline Gash, Secretary, Academic Unit of Medical Education, 35 years
Ms Catherine Grinold, Section Manager, ScHARR, 20 years
Dr John Haylor, Senior Lecturer, Infection and Immunity, 35 years
Miss Gail Hible, Unit Secretary, Academic Unit of Medical Education 25 years
Mrs Ann Hilton, Personal assistant, ScHARR, 20 years
Mr Dave Hoyland, Network Manager, ScHARR, 20 years
Mrs Linda Hudson, Secretarial Resource Manager, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health, 25 years
Mrs Sarah Jackson, Secretary, Oncology, 25 years
Dr Helen Kemp, Research Fellow, Human Metabolism, 20 years
Dr Mark Limb, Senior University Teacher, Nursing and Midwifery, 30 years
Professor Alison Loescher, Professor in Oral surgery, Clinical Dentistry, 20 years
Mrs Brenka McCabe, Research technician, Clinical dentistry, 20 years
Professor Christopher Newman, Director of Research and innovation, Cardiovascular Science, 20 years
Mrs Amanda Okrasa, Secretary, Clinical Dentistry, 20 years
Mrs Joanne O’Leary, Undergraduate secretary, Human Metabolism, 30 years
Mrs Debbie Proctor, Teaching Addministrator, Oncology, 25 years
Mrs Jane Shields, Course Administrator, Academic Unit of Medical Education, 25 years
Mrs Hayley Stanhope, MLSO, Clinical Dentistry, 35 years