A Warm Welcome to Clinical and Academic Colleagues from Finland

The (AUPMC) extended a warm welcome to a delegation of 14 General Practitioners, nurses, dental, public health and academic colleagues from Finland who were visiting the UK to explore models of primary care medicine, dentistry and community-based medical and dental education in England.

Dr Caroline Mitchell (AUPMC) led a workshop on the final afternoon of the visit at the end of a four centre UK tour (Leicester University Medical School, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield Dental School).with Steven Haigh (Director of GP provider board and Sheffield NHS joint provider partnership) and Christine Smith (CLAHRC-SY). The panel fielded pre-defined topics in a ‘Q&A’ format about UK models of Primary Care which included multidisciplinary team working and the opportunities for clinical research and education in primary care.

The workshop also provided an opportunity for a facilitated discussion about the surprises and highlights of the visit. The concept of a ‘10 minute’ primary care consultation and the extended roles adopted across nursing and allied health professionals provoked the most discussion! We very much hope this visit will lead to fruitful further collaborative research and education work. Feedback on the visit was very positive:

We are very happy to have met you in Sheffield and we appreciate the way you presented facts about primary health care in U.K. and locally too. ”

“Your way to present your experiences in practice was very fascinating and we think that your students learn very much of your teaching.”

“We had a long list of questions, which caused a lot of extra work to you – our group appreciated your personal contribution for us very high.”

“Your colleagues represented high level expertise which supported your presentations.”