Science experience for Year 9 SOAMS students

Ninety students from Sheffield and South Yorkshire visited the Chemistry and Bateson Centre Open Day to experience an exciting day focusing on science as part of Sheffield Outreach and Access to Medicine Scheme (SOAMS).

 The students took part in two interactive workshops, one in the Chemistry Department, working with Dr Sara Bacon and her team, and one in the Bateson Centre, organised and led by Dr Claire Allen and colleagues.

Bateson Centre

The day demonstrated how the activities on the SOAMS scheme give added value to the science that students learn in school. These fun and exciting practical workshops aim to raise their interest and aspirations to study science at University.

In the Chemistry workshop students learnt about polymers and made polymer slime. They had the opportunity to learn about and use the process of electroplating to make personalised key fobs to take home. They also took part in a ‘guess the smell’ game.

In the Bateson Centre, students toured the aquarium viewing the transgenic zebra fish in the POD. They learnt how to harvest eggs and take care of the embryos.  Researchers were on hand to talk about their day to day role in the laboratory.

Ellie Wain, a Year 9 student from Ridgewood School, said: “I enjoyed the activities with the zebra fish thoroughly because I found that my skills and knowledge of using microscopes and studying cells increased rapidly”.