Health Technology Assessment: Choosing Which Treatments Get Funded

Starting 15th February 2016, ScHARR will be running another of its highly successful Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs).

Health Technology Assessment – Choosing Which Treatments Get Funded will be led by Claire Beecroft, course dirctor for ScHARR’s International Health Technology Assessment MSc course.


Have you ever wondered why some drugs are made available to patients via healthcare services such as the NHS, while others are not? In this free online course, learners will look at how healthcare organisations make decisions about whether we should have access to certain treatments, focussing on a key part of the information used to make these decisions – Health Technology Assessment (HTA).Over five weeks, participants will be taken through some of the key processes that go into creating a Health Technology Assessment.They will investigate how HTA can help aid decision making by finding and bringing together a wide variety of evidence about both the effects of treatments and what they cost. We will discover how HTA uses sophisticated research methods and techniques to bring this evidence together in a format that can be used in a variety of health systems around the world.

They will also look at some of the key processes of HTA in order to answer some key questions about a new treatment, such as:

  • How do we know if the treatment is of benefit?
  • How can we make sense of all the evidence?
  • How is evidence of the cost of drugs used in HTA?

Finally, students will also explore how the final HTA report fits within the wider range of information used to make decisions about which treatments to fund.

To find out more about this course, and to register, click here.